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A word from our CEO


We Kunnen / Cloud TLV

re-branding to


As some of you might have noticed, over the last few days WeKunnen / CloudTLV has been sporting a brand new name, logo, website & brand identity.

It’s an exciting time for our company — our steady growth has brought new clients, new colleagues, and new partners. Above all, it pushed us to innovate and expand our large scale of solutions to become a global player.

You’ll soon see it’s not just our name that has changed.

We’re also updating our visual identity on our website, social media platforms, and all other forms of communications to better reflect our vision and the way we support our clients’ success.  

What we’re promoting should resonate with those who have worked with us thus far. Our mission is only a refined version of what we have always prided ourselves on: we help businesses build meaningful relationships with their clientele.
By recognizing and anticipating their consumers’ needs, we create seamless customer experience journeys. Thus, exceed expectations for all parties.

So what’s changed?

We’re bigger and better — our range of services expanded to provide all solutions needed for marketing cloud usage. Currently, WEKU provides services to more than 75% of the companies using Salesforce marketing cloud technologies within the Israeli market.

Serving over 40 customers across six countries, we have a growing clientele portfolio, which we are immensely proud of. Over the years, our growth has helped us reshape our focus and realize the scope of expertise that WEKU truly represents. We are now ready for the next phase – expanding globally.





While the COVID-19 situation introduced unique challenges, it also emphasized our added value to our partners and clients all around the globe. 
First, we can serve our global network locally.  Our teams of experts are easily accessible and approachable through the use of video conferencing technology.
Second, we identified  a few trends and began to recognize we excel in deploying and supporting different areas of the marketing technical solution world: from full strategic technical and operational plans, to implementations and integrations development, followed by marketing strategy analysis and insights services.

We’re incredibly proud of the work that we do at WEKU and thankful for our talented employees, our amazing partners in Salesforce, and clients that have accompanied us in our journey. We owe this transformation to all of you.




                                                    Dror Meir
                                                       Founder & Co-CEO

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