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New office

WEKU Solutions Announces Opening of A New Branch in South Africa

WEKU Marketing Solutions is celebrating the opening of a new branch located in Johannesburg, South Africa. 

“Today’s announcement is another reminder of WEKU's continued promise to support and invest in the territories we serve. As the number of our clients grows in Africa, we felt the urge to establish a local office that will act as a gate to all our clients across the continent,” said Dror Meir, CEO of WEKU. 

WEKU is a full-service Salesforce consultancy agency that delivers comprehensive services & developments for Salesforce Marketing Cloud & related tools.

WEKU provide an advanced tailor-made solution for top brands to engage with their customers - from anonymous to loyal customers.

“We are thrilled to expand our footprint into the wonderfully vibrant business community of South Africa,” said Dror, “As a client-focused service provider, we believe our core values and relationship-based services philosophy meet the personal and business needs of South Africa. We look forward to supporting the thriving enterprises, medium and small businesses across all sectors.”

WEKU will offer the South African market a wide range of services to address digital transformation as a full-service provider. The branch will provide an extensive array of salesforce services, consultancy and complex data solutions. To efficiently service the needs of the South African companies, Weku will hire 10-15 associates for the branch and re-locate two seniors from Tel-Aviv & Amsterdam branches.

“We believe in investing in organizations where our associates live and are connected to personally and professionally,” said Dror, “Weku not only has 12 years of experience in providing Salesforce services but has deep roots with digital transformation challenges. We’re confident that we will uphold WEKU commitment to putting our customers at the forefront of everything we do and bring experience and knowledge that will upgrade the entire way of a relationship between companies and their clients.”

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Keep on growing

WEKU keeps on growing. this time, we have 4 new members with great potential. Dror Meir, our CEO, shared part of his welcoming letter:

"A big welcome from your new team at WEKU! 
As you’ll see, we all wanted to be a part of welcoming you into the family. We cannot wait to start working with you officially on your first day. 
I have to say you are at a slight disadvantage.

We all know a lot about you; however, you have yet to learn anything about us! We’ve decided to fix that immediately. We made a cheat sheet to help you know a bit about everyone. 
We’re going to kick off your first day, and you’ll learn a bit about us, and we’ll learn a bit about you. We’re all looking forward to it! We’ve invited you to join our weekly call. We’re happy to have you jump into the conversation whenever you’re ready.



The 4th year - Market Lead

WEKU is the Market Lead for Salesforce Marketing Cloud

in Israel with 76% of the clients.

Our CEO, Dror Meir, share this achievement with the teams:

"As another year comes to an end,

it’s time to look back and reflect on the past 12 months.
Thank you for all your hard work, commitment, and invaluable contributions  
to this company, integral to our progress and success.

This year, we have made impressive progress in our business goals, constantly and rapidly; despite all the challenges, our team

upheld the focus and let not one opportunity go.There is still plenty of achievable lined up for the next year, and I am sure that

we will keep up with our excellence. Thank you once again for your commitment and invaluable contributions toward helping

this business reach its full potential.

Yours sincerely, Let's run!



Strategy Services

Eran Mund announced as the new Head of Strategic Services 

In a clear demonstration of WEKU’s focus on clients' needs our CEO, Dror Meir, has announced Eran Mund as the new Head of Strategic Services. 

"Eran is a strategic magician who brings more than 10 years of experience in the Grey group. He leads digital strategic plans for multi-sectors organizations focusing on clients' journeys and experiences, combining digital strategy, media, creativity, content, and UX." said Dror.

"Eran will be our first move in our initiative to become MarTech services agency who puts the clients in the centre and help CEOs, CMOs & CTOs to unify thair workflows to achieve the organization's targets," said Dror.

Eran Mund said:
“I can't wait to help WEKU with the scale-up phase and establish a new strategic services department. Marketing Technologies cannot bring the whole picture for Weku's clients; therefore, the demand for strategic services is understandable."


Eran Mund


Dror Meir



New Client

WEKU was chosen to lead the Digital transformation of HomeCenter.

WEKU is responsible to lead all digital communications, from Strategy and content to technical implementations and Managed Services

The Home Center chain is the largest and leading chain in home improvement and maintenance in Israel. Since its establishment in November 1992, the company has opened and purchased 45 branches throughout the State of Israel, containing more than 23,000 products for the home, garden and car.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud implementation

Digital Marketing Strategy services

Digital Marketing Creative services
Digital Marketing Content services

Managed services

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