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Creative Agency

Web developer

Position Summary

We are looking for a web developer to join our team. If you are a web developer experienced in email campaigns we invite you to join us.

You will be programming for Salesforce Marketing Cloud focusing on the technical aspects of the system, mainly working with HTML/CSS, JavaScript, AMPscript, and SQL.

To be successful in this role you must have good analytical skills and love problem-solving.



1.Creating HTML code for email marketing campaigns and dynamic email templates

2.Personalising and coding dynamic emails using AMPscript and Server-Side JavaScript, testing and optimizing email communications across multiple email clients using proofing tools like Email on Acid

3.Building HTML pages using the most modern tools and design technology

4.Maintaining clear communication with the team, both written and verbal

5.Audience segmentation using SQL and other Marketing Cloud tools 


Required Skills & Experience:

· Experience in responsive HTML emails

· Knowledge of mobile design and best practices

· Good Adobe Photoshop skills

· Experience with coding and consuming REST or SOAP APIs preferred

· Salesforce Marketing Cloud experience preferred

· Guide Template Language knowledge, preferred


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