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Who We Are

Who we are

WEKU is a one-stop source of comprehensive services & developments for Salesforce Marketing Cloud & related tools. From anonymous to a loyal customer, WEKU Plan (strategy), Execute (development) & Measure (analytics) all digital communications E2E to the right channel & the right content to the right person at the right time.

WEKU has 12 years of experienced, knowledgeable international experts who provide a wide range of services for - Salesforce Marketing Cloud, MC Personalization, MC Intelligence, Data Cloud, MC Engagement (Pardot), and Social Studio For clients, partners, and corporates in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.

Fun Fact

The name - WEKU is an abbreviation of the original Dutch company’s name - WE KUNNEN, which means "WE CAN."

WEKU - Salesforce Partner

Within our services:

For Clients:

  • Full Technical Implementations & Integrations

  • Education, Workflows & Teambuilding

  • Full service (outsourced marketing operations)

  • Consulting Marketing Automation strategy

  • Lecturing directors - the Marketing Automation world

  • Consult corporates in research for vendors

  • Auditing Marketing Automation activities


For Agencies and Partners:

  • Pre-sales services

  • Workshops & Courses

  • Consulting workflows & resources

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Unlock endless possibilities.


Who's the guy in our logo?

Meet Heron Alexandria. a man who invented the concept of the automated machine - The Hero's aeolipile;

by burning a filled-wood iron ball with two opposite air pipes - Heron created the idea of a machine that keeps working after the initial trigger.

And how does this relate to us?

Marketing Automation is our expertise.

For us, Heron of Alexandria represents the pioneering and innovative world of marketing solutions that we created at WEKU.


Following that change, this is how we strive to bring revolution in the world of digital marketing.

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WEKU vibe.

weku vibe
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