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Spring 24, launched on Jan 12, 2024, brings a slew of enhancements to elevate your Salesforce experience.

Let's dive into the most talked-about features:

  1. Dynamic Forms with Parent Object Fields:

  • Display information from a parent record on a child record effortlessly.

  • No more formula fields or "Quick Update" actions; just add the field to your Lightning Page.

  • Saves space and streamlines the user interface.

  1. Device-Specific Dynamic Forms:

  • Create visibility rules based on device form factors for individual fields.

  • Tailor specific fields for mobile or desktop use, catering to the diverse needs of your organization.

  1. Transfer Lightning Dashboard Ownership:

  • Bid farewell to the hassle of recreating dashboards when an owner leaves.

  • Transfer ownership seamlessly, giving the new owner complete control.

  • Bulk transfer dashboards when someone departs your organization.

  1. Contact, Lead, Account Intelligence Views:

  • Identify prospects and customers needing attention with Intelligence Views.

  • Save time by taking action directly from the Lead or Contact tab.

  • Streamlines user workflows for improved efficiency.

  1. Enhanced Permission Management:

  • Error-free deletion of Permission Sets included in Permission Set Groups with assigned users.

  • Simplifies Permission Set management, ensuring a smoother administrative experience.

  1. Partial Migration to Flow:

  • Migrate automation seamlessly with partial migration support for most actions.

  • Receive notifications for actions needing further configuration for a comprehensive migration.

  1. Seller Home for Improved Sales Experience:

  • A centralized hub for enhanced sales productivity.

  • Components include Opportunity, Account, Lead, and Contact overviews.

  • Stay on top of goals, events, to-do items, and recent records for a holistic sales experience.

Exciting times ahead with these Spring 24 updates!

Which feature are you most eager to explore?

Read more at Salesforce website

Starting February 2024, Google and Yahoo! are rolling out new requirements for email senders.

As a Marketing Cloud Engagement admin, it's vital to review your email sending configuration for continued inbox success.

🔧 Action Steps:

  1. Authentication Best Practices

  • What's Required: Set up DKIM, SPF, and DMARC for all sending domains (SAP and Private Domains).

  • Check: Validate domains in Marketing Cloud Engagement under Admin > Account Settings > From Address Management. Use tools like for compliance.

  1. One-Click Opt Out

  • What's Needed: Ensure immediate, one-click unsubscribes starting June 1, 2024.

  • Check: Confirm default list-unsubscribe settings. Avoid redirects to custom landing pages. Test compliance with tools like

  1. Minimize Spam Complaints

  • What's Needed: Keep spam complaints below 0.10%.

  • Check: Review the last six months of sends. Adjust opt-in practices, use preference centers, and stop sending to unengaged segments.

Salesforce Guidance: Follow these steps to align with the new standards, safeguard your brand, and maintain high engagement rates. More information here.

In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, connecting with customers in meaningful ways is the key to fostering brand loyalty and driving sales. That's where Einstein comes into the picture, leading the charge with the incredible potential of AI-driven Salesforce tools, helping our clients engage better with their customers.

But wait, who's Einstein in this tech-savvy equation?

Meet Einstein GPT!

the newest AI model by Salesforce that's revolutionizing content generation within the Salesforce platform.

It's like having a brilliant virtual assistant on your team. Designed to boost productivity and enhance customer experiences, Einstein GPT is here to lend a helping hand to Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, and IT/Development teams.

Plus, the AI's got an adorable mascot paying homage to a renowned German physicist - how cool is that?

And indeed, the sky's the limit for generative AI, not just within Salesforce's ecosystem, but throughout enterprise technology.

The current AI prowess in the Customer 360 platform showcases Einstein AI technologies, making an astounding 200 billion predictions daily across various business applications:

  • In Sales, AI insights help identify the best next steps, leading to faster deal closures.

  • Customer Service benefits from AI-powered human-like conversations, freeing up agents for more complex tasks.

  • Marketing gets a boost with AI's understanding of customer behavior, personalizing the timing, targeting, and content of campaigns.

  • Commerce thrives with highly personalized shopping experiences and smarter e-commerce processes.

With generative AI on the scene, Salesforce aims to enhance customer interactions across multiple touchpoints, including sales, customer service, marketing, commerce, and IT. This game-changing technology opens new doors for personalized engagement, empowering businesses to connect with their audiences in innovative and impactful ways.

And here's the icing on the cake!

Salesforce is even exploring the potential of AI-generated code, making coding faster, more efficient, and accessible to all, even those without certified Salesforce developers on their team. Less code, more brilliance.

With the seamless integration of generative AI, Salesforce remains dedicated to empowering clients to forge deeper connections with their customers. Streamlined operations, customer-centric experiences, and unparalleled growth - that's the vision we're passionate about.

The possibilities of generative AI have never been more exciting.

Check out Salesforce Einstein's full page for more info & demos!

The article is based on Salesforce original database, and brought to you by Weku Marketing Solution as a Salesforce certified partner.

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