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Spring 24 Unveils Exciting Features and Improvements – A Quick Overview

Spring 24, launched on Jan 12, 2024, brings a slew of enhancements to elevate your Salesforce experience.

Let's dive into the most talked-about features:

  1. Dynamic Forms with Parent Object Fields:

  • Display information from a parent record on a child record effortlessly.

  • No more formula fields or "Quick Update" actions; just add the field to your Lightning Page.

  • Saves space and streamlines the user interface.

  1. Device-Specific Dynamic Forms:

  • Create visibility rules based on device form factors for individual fields.

  • Tailor specific fields for mobile or desktop use, catering to the diverse needs of your organization.

  1. Transfer Lightning Dashboard Ownership:

  • Bid farewell to the hassle of recreating dashboards when an owner leaves.

  • Transfer ownership seamlessly, giving the new owner complete control.

  • Bulk transfer dashboards when someone departs your organization.

  1. Contact, Lead, Account Intelligence Views:

  • Identify prospects and customers needing attention with Intelligence Views.

  • Save time by taking action directly from the Lead or Contact tab.

  • Streamlines user workflows for improved efficiency.

  1. Enhanced Permission Management:

  • Error-free deletion of Permission Sets included in Permission Set Groups with assigned users.

  • Simplifies Permission Set management, ensuring a smoother administrative experience.

  1. Partial Migration to Flow:

  • Migrate automation seamlessly with partial migration support for most actions.

  • Receive notifications for actions needing further configuration for a comprehensive migration.

  1. Seller Home for Improved Sales Experience:

  • A centralized hub for enhanced sales productivity.

  • Components include Opportunity, Account, Lead, and Contact overviews.

  • Stay on top of goals, events, to-do items, and recent records for a holistic sales experience.

Exciting times ahead with these Spring 24 updates!

Which feature are you most eager to explore?

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