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50+ Clients chose us for Ad-Hoc Solution

or for outsourcing their entire operation


  • Implementations & Integrations

  • APIs, Scripts and Code

  • Landing pages

  • Customer Journeys

  • Automations

  • Live-Dynamic Content

Full technical implementations
Custom-made configuration of the account to reflect all business needs, including coding, scripting & designing of emails, templates, API calls and all other assets needed to ensure the account is up and running


Full technical integrations
Designing data architecture, building data flow and integrating Salesforce Marketing Cloud with existing business systems and databases.  


Workflows and courses
Introductory courses in digital marketing innovation, introduction to the world of marketing automation and in-depth courses covering key features of Salesforce Marketing Cloud (for marketers and directors). 



  • Your marketing automation department

  • All done by our experts

  • No need for hiring or internal resources

  • Fixed Budget

weku solutions operate as a full-functioning marketing automation department, starting with an implementation of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud account to a variety of automation and cross-channel customer journeys. 

Through a series of in-depth discovery sessions with your organization, we will zoom in on each short- and long-term business requirement and provide an extensive custom-made solution in Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Our managed services include administrative ongoing support and consultancy after "go live" phase, improving existing processes, building all the required assets (emails, templates, dynamic content etc.), QA and more   


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