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📣 Important Salesforce Marketing Cloud Update - February 2024

Starting February 2024, Google and Yahoo! are rolling out new requirements for email senders.

As a Marketing Cloud Engagement admin, it's vital to review your email sending configuration for continued inbox success.

🔧 Action Steps:

  1. Authentication Best Practices

  • What's Required: Set up DKIM, SPF, and DMARC for all sending domains (SAP and Private Domains).

  • Check: Validate domains in Marketing Cloud Engagement under Admin > Account Settings > From Address Management. Use tools like for compliance.

  1. One-Click Opt Out

  • What's Needed: Ensure immediate, one-click unsubscribes starting June 1, 2024.

  • Check: Confirm default list-unsubscribe settings. Avoid redirects to custom landing pages. Test compliance with tools like

  1. Minimize Spam Complaints

  • What's Needed: Keep spam complaints below 0.10%.

  • Check: Review the last six months of sends. Adjust opt-in practices, use preference centers, and stop sending to unengaged segments.

Salesforce Guidance: Follow these steps to align with the new standards, safeguard your brand, and maintain high engagement rates. More information here.

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