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Not just any migration

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

It's official!

Capitec Retail Bank Journey Migration Phase 1 is complete.

This is not just any migration — Together with Capitec’s team, we successfully migrated 40+ journeys in less than 4 months from Capitec’s previous Campaign Management system and adapted them to Salesforce Marketing Cloud Engagement.

The results are absolutely inspiring, and we couldn't be more proud.

In such big programs, it is important for us to be methodical and build the right foundation. Therefore, in order to ensure a smooth transition that is both useful and beneficial for Capitec’s business priorities, we devised the following vital steps:

✅A dedicated team of our senior specialized experts to work closely with Capitec teams

✅ Scoping and technical blueprinting

✅ Building and deploying the journeys on SFMC

✅ Enabled and established work methodologies across the Product Oriented Delivery teams so they can operate programs on post-migration.

Focusing on operational excellence has already helped drive Capitec’s business execution KPIs:

✅Increase process efficiency and minimize the number of ongoing programs, thanks to #Salesforce Journey Builder's advanced capabilities

✅Reduce time spent on asset management of both creative agency and deployments teams by creating proper bulletproof HTML Email Templates and Blocks

✅ Optimize data integration and effectiveness by implementing a system-wide data infrastructure to support future campaigns.

We were delighted with how seamlessly it went, and Kudos to everyone involved in making this project a success!

We can’t wait for Phase 2.

That’s what you get when you pair dedicated professionals with the right technology and processes - getting it done.🎯


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