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Secured, Safe, Personal.

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

Secured Identification journey for personal pension data

For businesses to run smoothly, you must treat customer information with the utmost respect and sensitivity.

Weku marketing solutions recently cooperated with Harel Insurance & Finance, one of the largest insurance firms in Israel, to integrate their secure identification process with Marketing Cloud Engagement.

Customers who receive pension-related emails with sensitive content from Harel via Marketing Cloud engagement system will now be asked to enter their ID number, which is validated in real-time by Harel's system, before being granted access to view confidential details on their personal information page.

With this new feature, we've been able to successfully interface the existing identification processes together with Marketing Cloud for added security.

The results are a true testament to what is possible with great execution:

More secure process to ensure efficient handling of customer information

Seamless process flow implementation with a user-friendly interface

Gain trust and confidence from the clients

Interfaced the Marketing Cloud mobile and email communications with external identification systems

This innovative process creates more streamlined communication for Harel's customers and is designed with ease and security in mind.

Thanks, Harel team - Maanit Lev Ran, Hadar Mor, Yoav Afick & Michal Lerman, for your significant teamwork and cooperation with another successful project.

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