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Updated: Jun 20

Exciting news for the Israeli market, the telecommunication market, and the Salesforce eco-system:

WEKU is happy to share that Partner - one of Israel's biggest telecommunications companies is now LIVE with Salesforce Data Cloud & with Salesforce Marketing Cloud Engagement!

Partner's Logo

So, Why Data Cloud?

Know your customers better then ever.

Salesforce Data Cloud (Former CDP), is a powerful tool that enables businesses to unify their customer data from multiple sources, streamline their data management processes, and gain valuable insights into customer behavior.

It provides a single source of truth for customer data, allowing businesses to deliver more relevant and targeted marketing messages, increase customer engagement, and drive revenue growth.

Now that's what we call a game changer.

Learn more about the wide world of Data Cloud at Salesforce page here!

This successful implementation is a significant milestone for businesses in the region and we’re incredibly proud to have had the opportunity to lead this amazing project.

We would like to thank the outstanding Partner team for working on this project with us &

The amazing Salesforce team involved.

Ready for the next challenge?

Updated: Jun 20

It's official!

Capitec Retail Bank Journey Migration Phase 1 is complete.

This is not just any migration — Together with Capitec’s team, we successfully migrated 40+ journeys in less than 4 months from Capitec’s previous Campaign Management system and adapted them to Salesforce Marketing Cloud Engagement.

The results are absolutely inspiring, and we couldn't be more proud.

In such big programs, it is important for us to be methodical and build the right foundation. Therefore, in order to ensure a smooth transition that is both useful and beneficial for Capitec’s business priorities, we devised the following vital steps:

✅A dedicated team of our senior specialized experts to work closely with Capitec teams

✅ Scoping and technical blueprinting

✅ Building and deploying the journeys on SFMC

✅ Enabled and established work methodologies across the Product Oriented Delivery teams so they can operate programs on post-migration.

Focusing on operational excellence has already helped drive Capitec’s business execution KPIs:

✅Increase process efficiency and minimize the number of ongoing programs, thanks to #Salesforce Journey Builder's advanced capabilities

✅Reduce time spent on asset management of both creative agency and deployments teams by creating proper bulletproof HTML Email Templates and Blocks

✅ Optimize data integration and effectiveness by implementing a system-wide data infrastructure to support future campaigns.

We were delighted with how seamlessly it went, and Kudos to everyone involved in making this project a success!

We can’t wait for Phase 2.

That’s what you get when you pair dedicated professionals with the right technology and processes - getting it done.🎯

Updated: Apr 13

Spring is here! And so does Salesforce Marketing Cloud Spring ’23 Release. ☁️

As a Salesforce partner and experts for the Marketing Cloud Engagement tools, We would like to pick & mention 2 significant features:

WhatsApp Business Messaging - Direct Integration & Journey Builder

Experience the power of personalized customer service by leveraging WhatsApp and Genie Customer Data Cloud!

This feature offers direct integration with the WhatsApp Business Messaging Platform.

  • You can easily embed sign-ups to connect your Marketing Cloud and WhatsApp accounts in just a few clicks - saving you precious time onboarding and allowing you to engage with customers more quickly.

  • Leverage WhatsApp and Genie Customer Data Cloud to deliver automated experiences that are personalized to drive engagement and inspire action.

  • Create an impactful, personalized experience. Now you can easily deliver mobile-first messaging that helps customers discover and interact with your brand in more meaningful ways. Harness rich data to create automated conversations that drive engagement, promote brand loyalty, and convert prospects into customers.

Available for MC Corporate and Enterprise customers automatically upon purchase.

Take a deep dive into the full feature notes on this Salesforce page

Engagement: Journey Builder - History UI

Here we noted a significant development - Take your data analysis to the next level!

Forget sifting through tedious spreadsheets and digging through tabs to find the insights you need.

See how:

  • 3 new visual dashboards for quick access to all your journey data & activities.

  • An interactive filtering & sorting tool, so you can easily customize data views to track the exact metrics that matter most.

  • Plus, now you can quickly export contact & journey data for easy surfacing of insights & sharing of learnings with your team & stakeholders.

Available for all editions that include Journey Builder.

All features to become generally available on February 13, 2023.

View all releases on Salesforce page

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