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Personalization pays off!

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

It's not just about segmenting your customers anymore, but creating a personalized experience that transforms customer relationships, drives business growth, and increases marketing ROI.

Customers have an increasing array of ways to interact with our brand. Whether they're on our website, mobile app, email campaign, or on social media, our goal is to personalize every interaction. This allows the brand to create an engaging, consistent, and personalized experience.

Ready or not, the age of AI is here!

As AI technology continues to improve and its advantages become clearer, it is becoming a critical tool for modern marketers.

AI-powered strategies enable companies to engage customers in ways never before possible, and these efforts are paying off.

By leveraging machine learning and personalization, marketers are able to craft campaigns that are more engaging and drive higher conversions. Through human-guided algorithms, they can optimize their strategies in real-time, adjusting them to fit ever-changing customer behaviors. As AI technologies become more widely accessible and affordable, they will continue to shape the landscape of marketing in the years to come.

Salesforce Einstein Artificial Intelligence tool

For customers who shop in person, using the personalization tool can personalize the experience at kiosks, ATMs, POS systems, and when they're speaking to sales and service representatives. For example, when customers enter the store, they can use the client kiosks to find products and complete checkout quickly and easily. Additionally, customers can speak to a knowledgeable sales staff to get more in-depth information about the listed products.

Even if personalization is deployed in only a few channels, it's important to collect data from all other customer touchpoints, such as surveys and feedback. This data will help you to tailor experiences and the next best actions to individual customers, increasing their engagement with your brand.

By collecting data from your customer touchpoints, you can create meaningful experiences that drive loyalty, trust, and revenue for your brand. The goal is to ensure every customer experience with our brand is both positive and personalized.

Using the data sources mentioned above, you can now implement a personalized marketing strategy for your business. For example, use behavioral data to identify patterns and trends in my customers' buying and viewing habits, such as what time of day they visit my site, how long they spend viewing my product pages, or how often they purchase a product.

You can use attribute data to further segment any customers into target audiences based on demographic information like their age, gender, location, etc. This will allow you to craft specific messages that appeal to different customers’ individual needs.

Additionally, you can use transaction data to create special discounts and rewards for loyal customers or those who spend large amounts of money on your website. This kind of targeted, personalized marketing strategy will give you a great advantage in understanding and catering to customers’ wants and needs.


Learn how 1-to-1 personalization can revolutionize your strategy!

Boosting Your ROI with Every Site Visit

Your website visitors leave clues about their interests and attributes, even if they're anonymous. These clues include how they arrived, their location, and what they engaged with. Using this information, you can customize your homepage and landing pages in real-time to make them more relevant to each visitor.

Build your first-party data like a pro

Boost the efficiency of email capture campaigns and sign-up offers by tailoring them to specific visitors. Time the message to appear when they're engaged and most likely to be receptive for optimal results.

Get customized, triggered alerts

Boost customer engagement with tailored notifications via email, push notifications, or SMS. Target specific user groups for sales or customizations. Increase customer satisfaction and brand loyalty by informing them of restocked items they like. Connect with your audience on a deeper level.

Personalize mobile app experiences

Presenting tailored in-app massage offers & recommendations provides value. Leverage data to create contextual, relevant messages for individual users for an improved experience. This strategy of leveraging data drives revenue growth & user engagement.

Suggest suitable products and deals that cater to your customer's needs

With the ability to embed relevant, real-time, 1-to-1 recommendations and next-best offers across any page or screen of a website or mobile app, businesses can now deliver a more consistent and personalized brand experience to customers. No matter what platform or touchpoint customers may use, they can be sure that their customer experience will remain top-notch and tailored to their interests. With this powerful technology, businesses can enhance customer engagement and satisfaction, driving growth and customer loyalty.

Stand out from the rest and send personalized emails at open

Get your audience hooked with personalized emails that show them the right content, recommendations, and offers at the right time. Keep your campaigns fresh, relevant, and engaging with real-time insights. No more missed opportunities, only happy customers.

Deliver your messaging like a pro with unwavering confidence

Deliver highly personalized experiences during in-person transactions with location-based data and cross-channel history. In this way, you’ll make your customers feel heard and valued every step of the way. Say goodbye to generic transactions and hello to highly-tailored experiences.

Trigger notifications directly to call center agents

Transform your call center into a powerhouse with personalized notifications that guide your agents toward the best actions and offers for your customers. Enhance your customer journeys with relevant and timely messages that provide a seamless experience.

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